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Fa-Jing Ch’uan – Martial Arts Purity and Integrity

Fa-Jing Ch’uan is world recognised as a potent and powerful martial art, which enables practitioners to learn effective street self-defence and also attain great longevity and health. Power is generated through natural body movement, correct breathing and relaxed whip-like strikes. It uses advanced pressure point knowledge to maim and worse, if the situation is life threatening.

Fa-Jing Ch’uan uses many open handed strikes, kicks, knees and elbows. It has no sports application and is totally fight orientated. This means that realistic street self defence is the primary goal and all the techniques are too dangerous to use in sport. E.g. throat and eye strikes, neck strikes, head butts, groin shots, bones snaps, dislocations, etc. Please note that the health and safety of our training partners is always of paramount importance.

Fa-Jing Ch’uan translates as ‘Explosive Energy Fist’ because we strike attackers three or four times in quick flowing succession to dangerous points on the body, head or neck. Strikes to the limbs are also used prolifically to ‘set up’ and ‘enter’ and to drain the body of energy by causing extreme pain and by disrupting the flow of energy and blood. Fa-Jing Ch’aun is a Dim Mak style.

All Chinese striking arts, including Fa-Jing Ch’uan, come under the umbrella of Chinese Boxing (more commonly known as Kung Fu). Therefore Wing Chun, Shaolin Da, White Crane, Praying Mantis, Jun Fan, Jeet Kune Do and others are all styles of Chinese Boxing.

Fa-Jing Ch’uan is a name given to a particular syllabus of Chinese Boxing, popularised by Master Erle Montaigue. Erle became a master of Tai Ji Ch’uan, Bagwa Zhang and Wu Dang Shan. These three schools of Chinese Boxing contain some of the deadliest and most potent methods of any martial arts. They are also known for their flowing sequences, circle walling forms and sheer authenticity and ancient roots. The healing aspects of these arts are also well known and well documented.

Erle combined the most prolific techniques, forms and two person fighting drills from these three styles and also added his own teaching methods and fighting sequences which he had devised during his 45 years of training. This resulted in an extremely violent system that was devised to primarily deal with multiple opponents and attacks with weapons.

Overall Fa-Jing Ch’uan encapsulates the best of the Shaolin type hard external martial arts and the best of the extremely potent and deadly soft style martial arts.