Returning to or experienced in martial arts?

The things that people sometimes mention about their previous training are:

Didnt train against weapons or multiple opponents

Didnt train in the use of the weapons

Felt ripped off with grading fees and all sorts of other hidden costs

Techniques wouldnt work in reality

Club felt like a cult !

The Master was unaproachable and rarely trained the class himself

This is what people like at our training group:

The advanced nature of Chinese Internal Martial Arts.

The practical nature of Fa Jing Ch’uan and the extreme applicability of the moves to practical combat.

We don’t wear belts or uniforms and you won’t have to practice ‘basics’ for years before the advanced are revealed.

The responsible nature of the teaching in balancing the extremely violent nature of the applications with qi gong and other mediation elements of the art.

The equal emphasis on the classical art and the practical application.