New to Martial Arts?

Martial arts are not created equally.

Instead of stiff linear unrealistic jerky movements – why not practice a martial art that flows and that has been designed to work against multiple opponents, weapons and real street situations.

A cultivated martial arts flows, the techniques are logical and devastating. There is no change required to implement the classical techniques into real combat.

There are no stiff linear lock out movements, stances are not low and impractical.

The fist never comes back to the hip when chambering a punch.

There is no concern with learning watered down sports applications or crowd pleasing moves which will never work in the street.

Real combat and real martial arts are about getting the job done.

Fa Jing Chuan makes you stronger, many other martial arts break you down over time with their stiff lock-out movements performed in the air, with nowhere other than the joint, for the energy to go into. I.e injuries develop.