Interested in Erle Montaigue, Internal Martial Arts, Dim Mak and Qi Gong?

Erle MontaigueErle Montaigue 1949 to 2011 – Leader of the World Taiji Boxing Association, Master Degree, China.

Erle Montaigue was regarded internationally as one of the leading instructors of the internal arts of Taijiquan, Baguazhang, and Qi Gong. Erle began his martial arts instruction at the age of 11, training in karate and judo at the local police Boys’ Clubs in his native Australia.

He practiced the internal arts for 43 years and can trace his lineage directly back to Yang Lu-ch’an, the founder of the Yang style.

His teachers include Master Wong Eog (1968), Master Chu King Hung (1973) London, Grand-master Chang Yiu-Chun one of only two disciples of Yang Shou-hou. Erle became the first student of Master Chu in London in 1973. Chu was one of three disciples of Yang Sau-chung, (1909-1985) the eldest son of the great master Yang Cheng-Fu. And Ho Ho-choy, Bagua Master, disciple of Chiang Jung-chiao Erle was formally introduced to Yang Sau-chung in 1981 when he visited him at his home in Hong-Kong to have his form corrected.

In 1985, Erle and eight of his students became the first Westerners to be asked to perform at the all China National Wushu Tournament in Yinchuan China. There, Erle was tested by four of the world’s greatest Chinese masters and was awarded the degree of “MASTER”, the only Westerner to be given this honor. Erle now regards Chang Yiu-Chun as his main teacher from whom he learnt the “Old Yang Style” & The Dim-Mak. Erle’s books, videos and articles have helped to change the way that people look at the internal martial arts.

His videos are viewed all around the world and his books are sold in China.

He was the Chairman of the ‘World Taiji Boxing Association’, Chairman of the ‘World Therapeutic Movement Association’, Vice Chairman of the ‘Federation of Australasian Wushu and Kung-Fu Organisations’, Editor of ‘Combat and Healing Magazine’ and had his own column in the Australasian ‘Fighting Arts Magazine’. He was also the Australasian Correspondent for ‘Fighting Arts International’, the prestigious British international martial arts magazine.

In May 1995, Erle Montaigue became the first westerner to go to China to learn from the Original Wudang Shan group, namely one Liang Shiah-kan, the keeper of the original Dim-Mak Qi Disruptive Forms.

Erle had taught in Sydney, London and Hong Kong (in fact, he was one of a select few Westerners who have taught Taiji back to the Chinese in Hong Kong) .

Erle was an eclectic and colorful character who never allowed himself to be pigeonholed into any one art, pursuit, or career.

Until his death in 2011, Erle teached primarily in the UK and he served as head of the World Taiji Boxing Association (WTBA), which has schools in more than 30 countries. All of these schools have learnt Taiji in some way from Erle Montaigue.

Erle was a Master in his own right and developed his own system called Fa-Jing Ch’uan. This brought together the most effective methods he’d trained in and developed new forms and fighting methods to unlock the secrets of the ancient arts from Wu Dang.

Erle’s teaching was respected the world over and is highly regarded as being ancient, authentic, sophisticated and deadly.