More info, How we are different

Chinese Kung Fu Club, Harrow

Above, our late Master, Erle Montaigue, The worlds most well known and famous Master of Internal Kung Fu and Chi Kung.

The main difference we offer is that we are the antithesis to the modern commercialised approach to martial arts. We are an old school training group, based on a style of teaching virtually unknown today. We are a clan of friends dedicated to the practice, learning and teaching of the most potent ancient fighting methods from China.

In addition to the above, we have incorporated many modern training methods and cutting edge fighting techniques into our training.

Members of the group are generally professional people, who have made the active decision to shy away from the publicity and commercialism of modern day martial arts.

The leader of the group has 30 years experience in martial arts, most of the assistant instructors have 20 years experience.

Instead of focusing on growing into various commercialised branches, we have focused on increasing the quality of our Monday and Thursday night sessions.

This being the case, entry to the group is highly restricted and on an application or recommendation basis only.

The leader of the Warrior Arts training group , has over 30 years of Martial Arts experience and was personally graded to instructor level by Master Erle Montaigue. The leader of our training group also holds black belts in Japanese Free Style Karate, American Kick Boxing and Korean Full Contact Choi Kwang Do. Read more.