Fa-Jing Ch'uan

Club Info

We are a group of friends who practice combat martial arts, entry to this private training group is by application or recommendation only

The syllabus covers street self defence, classical forms, pressure points, empty hands, pad work, two and three person drills, multiple attackers, defence against weapons (including sticks, knifes and guns), weapons use, meditation, Qi Gong, etc.

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Individual Benefits

My Master’s style of knife defence, this is an excerpt of it being taught to law enforcement and military personnel.

Overall our training group focuses on helping people as follows:

– Learning how to effectively defend yourself

– Gaining true self confidence

– Learning new and practical skills

– Boosting your physical fitness

– Improving your mental well-being & inner calm

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What is Fa-Jing Ch’aun Kung Fu?

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